Subject Overview

The Photography department is located in Coniston Building and is a visually stimulating and dynamic environment where students use and experience a range of equipment and techniques. There is a dedicated lighting studio and suite of computers with Photoshop CS6 installed. Students are provided with an engaging programme of high quality teaching including all contemporary digital manipulation methods. Students are also given the opportunity to work using traditional methods, working in the darkroom to process their own film and enlarge images. This curriculum provides creative opportunities for students to learn and develop their photographic skills whilst challenging students to explore the world around them in a new way. Students are well supported by dedicated staff but also experience a developing level of independence and more opportunities to explore their own creative interests, ideas and specialisms. Students are encouraged to communicate about the purpose and value of their photographic work in the 21st century. We also prepare our students for the future by addressing issues relevant to their personal, social and moral development including the exploration of career pathways.

Photography Subject Staff

Mrs Starbuck Teacher of Photography

KS4 Photography

This is a two year course designed to build students’ knowledge, skills and understanding associated with Photography. The practical exercises and assignments have been designed to challenge perceptions and help our students to develop their creative thinking, communication skills and visual understanding about photography. Students are introduced to lots of new photographers work and encouraged to analyse and interpret their work as a way of developing creative thinking skills. Students regularly exceed the already high expectations on this course because they contribute at a high level both during lesson and through the process of completing homework.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Dorothea Lange
1895 – 1965