Mrs Gwinnett

Overall Trust Lead

Miss Bacon

Executive Director of Standards ELT

Mrs Jones

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning ELT

Mrs Fairhurst

Executive Director of Student Services ELT

Mrs Hammerton 

Trust Lead for Attendance and Admissions

Mr Dunne

Executive Head

Mr Lewis

Head of School

Mrs Swift

Personal Assistant to the Leadership Team

Miss O’Neill

Assistant Headteacher - Progress and Intervention

Mrs Birkin

Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum & Assessment

Mr Barnish

Pastoral and Behaviour Manager

(Transition & Year 7)

Miss Butler

Pastoral and Behaviour Manager

(Years 8 & 9)

Mrs Rutherford 

Pastoral and Behaviour Manager

(Years 10 &11)

Miss McDade

Head of Learning Support

Mrs Barton

Operations Manager

Miss Brook

Data Manager