1 December 2021

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The Communities Team at South Ribble have been supporting children across the borough with additional food provision during the school holidays and this will continue this Christmas too.  The team provide food parcels that are to support families on Free School Meals or low income.  We will not be sending food parcels in to schools for Christmas 2021.

Instead we will be allocating food parcels to the families that access the Holiday and Food Programme (HAF).  For more information about the HAF locations please see attached leaflet and book you child’s place online:  https://www.southribble.gov.uk/haf2021

It could not be easier to collect your parcels - you can pick yours up whilst the children are enjoying the HAF programme activity. You  do not need to bring along any vouchers.  Simply collect your parcel(s) from one of our friendly team, when you drop off or collect your child from the HAF activity.  It is one parcel per school aged child. 

If you have any queries about collecting food parcels from the Civic Centre instead please contact Sam on 01772 625590.