25 August 2022

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Endeavour pays off for the Class of 2022


Following the return of formal GCSE examinations in the summer term, the Year 11 students at Wellfield were delighted this morning to receive their grades, which showed their hard work paid off, despite a tumultuous few years. There were smiles, celebrations and tears of joy throughout the morning as the students received their rewards for 5 years of hard work and dedication whilst at Wellfield.


These results follow over two years of unprecedented challenges for this cohort of students, who had the start to their GCSEs disrupted by Covid lockdowns and a high proportion of online learning. In addition to the national lockdowns, numerous students also missed days of learning because of isolating with the virus or as close contacts. Despite all of this, Wellfield students have clearly risen to the challenge with high levels of determination and resilience.

The Class of 2022 are the first cohort to depart Wellfield following five full years of education as part of the Endeavour Learning Trust family of schools. Wellfield, which been supported by the Trust since September 2017, has overseen significant transformation ever since. It is clear that these results are the accumulation of these years of hard work from all of the staff and students in the school.


These improvements were acknowledged by Ofsted last year, who graded the thriving school ‘Good’ in three key areas (Leadership & Management, Behaviour & Attitudes and Personal Development) during which it was acknowledged that students ‘are proud to attend Wellfield’ and that they benefit from the ‘ambitious curriculum’ set at the school.


Wellfield is a school known for its nurturing approach in an environment where all students are known by the staff. This was never more evident than during the lockdowns. These outcomes are also evidence of the high expectations and relentless support and challenge from their teachers, who worked tirelessly through the pandemic, managing the demands of remote learning and adapting to the ever changing absences through the majority of their two years of GCSE.


One of the students who has benefitted from the partnership over the last five years is the Head Student, Eliana, who will continue in the Trust family as she looks ahead to starting A Levels at Ormskirk 6th form.


Eliana, who aspires to return to Wellfield as a History Teacher in the future, said: “I feel ecstatic and overwhelmed by the atmosphere today!  My results will allow me to do what I want for A levels and help me to access university in the future.  My Spanish will be really useful for me to be an intelligence analyst linguist in the RAF before returning to Wellfield to teach history... hopefully!”

‘Endeavour’, a word associated with graft, hard work, resilience and determination, was very much the word of the day at Wellfield as students have been rewarded for their continued endeavours over the past five years. Zara Carter, Pearl Xu, Jackson Kelly, Kieran Taylor, Dawn Dyson and Sam Fish, to name just a few, are all moving on to A Levels at Runshaw College following their excellent progress, whilst others are pursuing their passion as they complete apprenticeships. Iga Studinska and Rhianna Whiteside are following their passion for Art & Design while Jess will begin BTEC Sports at Runshaw as she begins her journey to becoming a PE teacher.


Wellfield continues to look ahead to an exciting future in many other ways. As well as welcoming its largest ever Year 7 cohort into the school in September 2022, work will also begin on plans for a new school build after it was announced that Wellfield will be a part of the Department for Education School Rebuilding Project. 


Mr Lewis, Head of School, said: “This is a reward for how hard the staff and students have worked in unprecedented times over the past couple of years. We are immensely proud of our students and their remarkable responses. Our students have grown into fantastic individuals and a year group who will be missed around the school. We are also grateful for the continued support of parents, who work closely with us. We wish all of our students continued success as they move onto the next steps in their education.”


Mrs Gwinnett, the Executive Head at the school and the overall leader of Endeavour Learning Trust, told us: “It is a joy to work with Wellfield students, who really appreciate the efforts of the staff and who have grown into mature, well rounded young adults. They have shown they can take any challenge life throws at them and we wish them well.”


Helen Dicker, MBE & Chair of Governors and Chair of Trustees for Endeavour Learning Trust, concluded: "I am delighted to see how well our students have achieved after the most difficult couple of years.  These results are richly deserved and are a testament to the resilience and hard work which the students have shown."