Left Wellfield: 1993

Current job role: Head of Human Resources within the Ministry of Justice (Since 2009)

What was your favourite thing about school?

Being with my friends each day and learning new things. I particularly enjoyed my Drama lessons, which at the time was known as Expressive and Performing Arts.

What was your post-16 choice once leaving Wellfield? 

I didn't know what I wanted to do career wise, so I decided not to go straight to college. I secured an Administrative job within the local hospital to give me some experience and earn money whilst I decided. 

What was the biggest transitional issue you faced when you started at college/ work? 

Realising that this was forever. I remember feeling so overwhelmed at being in the big wide world but soon learned it is what you make it and that I was in charge of my future. 

How did school prepare you for the workforce and the real world? 

One of the main things I realise when looking back, is the skills I developed when meeting different people (students and staff) within the school on a daily basis and how to respond differently according to who is was. I didn't realise at the time how important this skill would be in life but I quickly learned the value as I started to meet more people and deal with different situations and people.

What was your career pathway? 

I started my career in an Administrative role within a hospital and after two years I move into their Human Resources department. It was here I realised I wanted to build a career within HR as I am a people person. I also studied HR at night school alongside my job. After this I went to work for an Accountancy form as an HR Officer and was fortunate to study a HR Degree at University on a day release basis from work. From there I worked as an HR Advisor and then a Consultant for an insurance company for a number of years. I then secured a promotion within the Prison Service as an HR Manager and was promoted to Head of HR and hold this role currently. I also volunteer as a Co-Opted Governor at Wellfield and have held this role for almost 4 years, wanting to give back to the school which I enjoyed when I was a pupil.