Hello and welcome to Wellfield High School! Starting secondary school can be a daunting experience, but we were once in your position too and promise to be by your side throughout your entire Wellfield journey.

We are the Junior Leadership Team, and we are here for you. After spending the previous 4 years at this school, we wanted to give back and in this position we can. We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to improve the day-to-day life of our school for our fellow pupils. Our goal is to make the school as warm and welcoming as possible for you.

The JLT provides a link between students and staff, to provide teachers with an insight into a pupil’s perspective of the school. We are here for any of your concerns and will forward them to help make a positive impact for you, which is ultimately our main role.

Over the years, our passion for the school has only ever increased day-by-day. We engage in all activities possible – from film clubs to sports clubs to STEM clubs. It is important to maximise the opportunities the school can offer. We believe every student deserves to make the most of their time here and the JLT will stop at nothing to achieve that for you.

A happy environment is better for all and trust us when we say everybody at Wellfield will give 110% towards this for you. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the same fantastic experience we all have.

Sam, Callum and Lois