Left Wellfield: 2021

Current job role: Finance Apprentice for NHS 

What was your favourite thing about school? 

Learning about things that genuinely interested me, and meeting fantastic people along the way.

What was your post-16 choice once leaving Wellfield? 

I went to Cardinal Newman College to study Business, Economics and Maths. Whilst I enjoyed it, after a year I felt that being able to learn and apply it practically was a more suitable way of learning for me, so I interviewed for a Finance Apprentice position with NHS Greater Manchester, where I am currently studying AAT Level 3.

What was the biggest transitional issue you faced when you started college/work? 

The level of responsibility to manage your own time and revision. The time you spend on lesson is massively reduced from High School, so you have to put in a lot more hours outside of lesson just to keep up.

How did school prepare you for the workforce and the real world? 

People skills and communication. This was pushed in a variety of ways from Year 7 all the way to year 11, and is something I can utilise in many different scenarios, whether it's in work, refereeing, coaching or just life in general.

What was your career pathway?