Graduating Year: 2014

Current role: Electrical Engineer Apprentice 

What was your favourite thing about school? 

I enjoyed the tight-knit community feel of Wellfield along with spending time getting involved in opportunities which were offered from the P.E department such as competing in athletics at Stanley Park in the summers.

What was your post-16 choice once leaving Wellfield? 

Once I left Wellfield I attended Runshaw College and I did a Btec in Sports Coaching, fitness and development before attending Edgehill university where I completed a degree in Primary Education.

What was the biggest transitional issue you faced when you started college/work? 

My biggest issue once finishing high-school was that I was unsure what career path I wanted to take. This was an issue which I had until around the age of 20 when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in engineering.

How did school prepare you for the workforce and the real world? 

School prepared me for the real world as it provided many different challenges across a broad curriculum with hands on lessons such as woodwork as well as more academic focused learning such as the sciences where I enjoyed physics. I was also given an opportunity to see what local colleges and businesses had employment opportunities through annual careers fairs.

What was your career pathway? 

My career pathway shows that it is never to late to make up your mind on what career you would like to take. Upon leaving Runshaw and completed a sports coaching Btec as I had a keen interest in sports and was unsure on exactly what I wanted to do. Whilst at college I was given a work experience opportunity at the primary school I attended, following this I decided I wanted to go into teaching and this led me to Edgehill university where I completed a primary education degree, majoring in science and physical education.