Mrs Livesley

At Wellfield, we have a dedicated team of staff who will take a lead on monitoring your progress and engagement within your different lessons. This team will help to support you where perhaps you may need some intervention to ensure you can meet your targets. We are also the team who help to run tutor time, ensuring you have a wide range of exciting activities to get involved in, from various competitions, charity work, to literacy, to careers and aspirations. Your tutor should be a first port of call if you are having any issues, and we will work with them alongside the PDC team to ensure you have the right support.



Working at Wellfield as an English teacher has been a privilege and I am very passionate about encouraging my students to love the subject. In my new role as House Progress Leader for Campbell, I am looking forward to working with Campbell students and tutors to ensure that our house is successful and all students to continue to make excellent progress.



Campbell house is named in honour of Donald Campbell, the famous land and water speed record breaker. Donald Campbell was famous for his world record breaking attempts on water; most famously, with his Festival of Britain entry, the Bluebird. Campbell is remembered as an iconic hero who, despite many attempts that did not succeed, continued to strive for greatness and kept going.

Campbell Logo
Our logo displays a bluebird to commemorate Donald Campbell’s world record breaking Bluebird boat. In the background the water waves reflect the speed and ferocity of Campbell’s venture and how he always gave maximum effort to his endeavor. The Bluebird was travelling at speeds of over 270mph – our logo reminds us to never give up and to keep pushing yourself. 

Motto - 'Full Power'
Our motto is dedicated to some of Donald Campbell’s final words. Even when facing an immense and frightening task, Donald Campbell reacted with hope and determination to succeed. “Full power” reflects the motivation and dedication our house has to excel in all we do, to triumph over adversity and give it all we have got. 

Miss Snowden
Mrs Baybutt
Miss Bellemy
Mrs Brook
Mr Corrick. 



As someone with a love for learning, as House Progress Leader for MacArthur my main objective is to make sure that the students in my house feel happy and inspired so they engage in their learning and strive to be the best they can be. In my role I have the pleasure of seeing our young people engage, achieve and challenge themselves and I work to ensure that these efforts are rewarded. There are times when students may face barriers that they find difficult to overcome that impact their progress. Working closely with students to find interventions and strategies to help them improve is a key part of my role. In MacArthur house our philosophy is about setting challenging goals and showing determination and resilience to try and achieve them, even if we meet challenges along the way.



MacArthur house is inspired by Dame Ellen MacArthur who holds an impressive collection of sailing records and achievements including famously breaking the world record for the solo circumnavigation of the globe. Whether sailing solo or part of a team she has competed in extreme conditions pushing herself to her absolute limits. Her sheer determination and unwillingness to give up changed the sailing world and inspired many. She continues to inspire people today founding various charities including The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, taking young people suffering from cancer on sailing adventures to rebuild their confidence. Today she does extensive work to accelerate a circular economy aiming to eliminate waste and continually use resources to protect our future and nurture innovation.

MacArthur Logo
Our logo has the Kingfisher boat at the forefront of the design to remind us of the amazing endeavour Ellen MacArthur demonstrated in the 71 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes 33 seconds she took to solo circumnavigate the globe. The world and water in the background remind us of how impressive a feat this was in the harsh conditions and the bravery this took. She says “Courage is not having the energy to go on, it's going on when you do not have the energy. ... “

Motto- 'A Donf'
French is a dominant language in the sailing world. Verlan is a slang/informal language that is used in France. “A Donf” is Verlan for “A fond” which means “Go for it”. This is a good luck term in the sailing world akin to “break a leg” in the theatrical world. As a member of the MacArthur family we want you to “Go for it”, be the best version of you, not give up and have big ambitions just like Ellen MacArthur. Ellen says when she circumnavigated the globe the outcome didn’t matter it was about the goal she set herself. Even if you don’t fully achieve everything you set out to do, trying is what is important. She has had failures and successes and learnt from both. On your voyage at Wellfield endeavour to set ambitious goals and strive to achieve them, even when it feels tough, learn from mistakes and be resilient. 

CHA-Mr C Hardy
RBE - Mr Beales
DMU-Mr D Murray
EDU- Miss E Dunbavand
KWH- Mrs K Whiteside



I have worked at Wellfield for seven years as a teacher of P.E. In my role as HPL of Sharman house, I strive for excellence from each and every student, so that they can achieve their full potential. I ensure that through our extensive careers programme, all students will have high aspirations and clear targets of what they would like to achieve at Wellfield and in later life.



Helen Sharman is a British chemist and astronaut who was the first British citizen to go into space, participating in a mission to the Soviet modular space station Mir in May 1991. Helen Sharman was selected to go into space after applying to a Radio advertisement and being selected ahead of 13,000 applicants. Her autobiography was called Seize the Moment and she literally reached for the stars.

Sharman Logo
Our logo is a spaceship at the forefront of the design to remind us of the extraordinary resilience and drive it took for Helen Sharman to achieve her ambition of being the first Brit in Space. The spaceships landing legs are in the shape of the Leyland Cross, which is a well-known landmark and our school logo.

Motto- 'Intentum Stellis'
The motto is Latin for aim for the stars. Helen Sharman stated after her successful mission to space that, “We should be pushing boundaries. After all, we Britons are explorers and adventurers.” As a member of the Sharman family we want you to take risks, show resilience, dream big and aspire to be the best you can be.

Miss L Cattanach
Mrs Starbuck
Mrs T Scott
Miss R Clare
Mr A Carroll