Subject Overview

The Art department is located in the Coniston Building and is a visually stimulating and dynamic environment where students experience a broad and varied curriculum. High achievement is encouraged through an engaging programme of high-quality teaching and learning. We foster an inquisitive approach and encourage independent learning. It is our aim for each individual to strive to achieve their best as they explore, develop and refine new skills, ideas and experiences. Students are well supported by dedicated staff but also experience a developing level of independence and more opportunities to explore their own creative interests, ideas and specialisms. Resourcefulness is promoted by encouraging pupils to work independently, developing practical skills, planning their own projects and problem solving as they go along. We also expect pupils to work collaboratively both with each other and within the local community. This enables pupils to gain an insight into joint ventures, working within industry and the local environment.

Art and Design Staff

Mrs Starbuck Teacher of Art

Key Stage 3 Art and Design

In Years 7 to 9, Art & Design is taught in mixed ability classes for one lesson a week. The KS3 curriculum introduces key formal elements to students through a range of projects. These projects encourage students to work both solely and as part of a group. They are introduced to basic key skills during the formal elements and then these are built on throughout the three years. Each project is designed to enhance and build on initial skills taught going into greater depth whilst encouraging creative thinking, risk-taking and confidence. These skills include 3D sculpture, shading, accurate drawing and painting.

Key Stage 4 Art and Design

Art and Design students develop their skills and knowledge by undertaking an in depth and varied course. Initially different aspects of art and design are delivered termly and students explore different processes, materials and techniques within art and design. Students then go on to complete a coursework unit by developing a project that explores one aspect of art and design in depth. They complete their course by producing an exam project in which they respond to one of five themes, each with a range of written and visual starting points and stimuli. Students will research, plan and develop ideas for their response to the option they have chosen and display their work in an exhibition which is open to parents and the public.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

Thomas Merton
1915 – 1968