Wellfield Academy uses School Gateway for communication and online payments. The service allows the academy to share information with ‘Priority 1’ and 'Priority 2' parents, online via a smartphone app, email or text message.

‘Priority’ parents are able to view their child’s timetable, reports and notify the school of updates to their child’s contact details and medical conditions.

It saves costs for the academy if parents use the App, as this allows us to send App messages at no cost, which can be useful in the event of academy closures, reminders and emergencies.

To use School Gateway, the school needs to have an up to date email address and mobile number for the ‘Priority 1 and 2’ parent(s). If the school does not already have this information, please email to enquiries@wellfieldacademy.org with the email address and mobile number to be used. We may need to verify these details and the person sending it prior to updating our system.

To create a School Gateway account, either:

Download the app: If you have a smartphone or tablet, please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone). The app shows the same information as the website PLUS you can message the school for FREE. When installing the app, please ensure you say yes to allow push notifications, otherwise you will not receive any of the messages.
Visit the website: Visit http://www.schoolgateway.com and click on ‘New User’.

Online Payments

We are delighted to welcome you to the Wellfield Academy Online Payment system.
This will allow you to make payments to our school using the Internet.
Your payments are made via the safe Scopay website which is powered by WorldPay.

This new facility will make it easier for you to pay for some of the following:

•    Trips
•    Events
•    Books and equipment
•    School Meals

There are a number of benefits including:

•    A simple to use website
•    Payments are made through WorldPay and are secure and reliable
•    Parents can view their payment history online
•    A reduced risk of students losing cash or cheques

You will need your Pupil Link Code to create your online account, which you have received via school.

There is also a detailed internet instruction manual available for download which we would recommend reading, but if you already order goods online you should recognise the procedures.

If you have any questions please contact the finance office at Wellfield High School: finance@wellfieldacademy.org
Contact us:  01772 421303