Wellfield will always try to stay open. However, sometimes schools have to close because, for example, the site is dangerous due to ice/snow, the boilers have broken resulting in no heating or not enough staff being able to get to school due to road conditions and therefore we do not have enough adults to care for the students.

School would only close if there is a clear health and safety risk to students and staff.  We recognise that conditions may prevent staff and students from travelling to school and whilst there is an expectation that staff and students should make every reasonable effort to attend, personal health and safety should not be compromised.

Unfortunately, we will not know the condition of the school site until it is inspected at approximately 6.30am. We will then assess whether the site can be made safe before students begin to arrive around 8.10am. We will only consider closing the school if we are absolutely convinced it would be unsafe to open.

If the school has to close due to severe weather this will be announced by 7.30am via the following methods:

Please check more than one of these methods, just in case there has been an unavoidable hitch.

We will make all practicable efforts to keep parents informed as to the situation with school during severe weather conditions, as we appreciate that such conditions and uncertainty places considerable difficulties upon parents.

We appreciate that during adverse weather children may arrive later than normal. Parents should endeavour to contact the School Office to report that they are on their way if they are likely to be delayed. Parents acting on the assumption that the school will be closed without gaining confirmation, or failing to inform the school of the circumstances that prevents their child coming into school risk their child being registered as an un-authorised absence. Where the school is officially closed, all absence is marked as being an ‘authorised absence’.

Should weather conditions deteriorate during the day when students are in school and it becomes necessary for school to close, parents will be notified via text message, social media and the school website.

It is advisable that parents and carers consider emergency childcare arrangements in this eventuality as children will not be allowed into school in the event of a closure.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.