Destination Data Procedure

Knowing where our pupils choose to study and train after leaving Wellfield Academy allows us to evaluate the success of our CEIAG programme and to ensure that all of our pupils have access to timely, accurate and appropriate information about the range of courses, education and training providers and careers open to them. All the data in this report has been validated by Lancashire County Council, following their initial survey of the destinations of each cohort. 

Under Gatsby Benchmarks for excellent Careers Education in schools, it is our duty as a school to maintain records on the destinations of our pupils for 3 years after they finish Year 11. The following plan sets out the procedure for the tracking and maintaining of accurate destination data. The actions are the responsibility of the Careers Leader unless otherwise stated.

Year 11 Pupils

Throughout Year 11, all pupils will have at least one Careers appointment with a qualified adviser. Support for decision-making, applications and preparation for further education and training will be given to all pupils by the Careers Leader, from Tutors, Progress Leader and all associated staff to ensure that all pupils secure a positive intended destination. Support will be targeted for those who have no intended destination and are at risk of becoming NEET. 

In particular, additional support will be given to students who: 

  • Have a Special Educational Need 
  • Young Carers 
  • Have accessed Nurture 
  • Speak English as an Additional Language 
  • Are or have been Looked-After 

From the January of Year 11, pupils will complete a survey of their intended destinations, including their applications, interviews and offers of study for post-16 education or training. 

Compiling this data allows: 

  • Accurate tracking of intended post-16 destinations for all pupils
  • Identification of any pupils where applications do not match CEIAG given during Careers appointments or known desired career path or those pupils who need further guidance, support or aspirational encouragement 
  • Identification of any application/ interview issues when compared with data received from post-16 providers 
  • Comparison tracking of intended destinations into the summer term 

3 Year NEET Tracker