Appointment Date

End Date

Mrs  H Nicholson CO Vice Chair 18-Sep-18 17-Sep-22
Mrs L Gwinnett H Head 01-Sep-17  
Mr J Lewis CO   18-Jul-17  
Mrs  G Morrissey CG   14-Nov-16 13-Nov-24
Mrs H Dicker CO Chair of Governors 10-Mar-2021 09-Mar-2025
Mr D Brennand CO   28-Sep-18 27-Sep-22
Mr M Walker CG   03-Sep-18 02-Sep-22
Mrs N Wright P   05-Nov-18 05-Nov-22
Mrs  N Sanderson CO   27-Nov-19 26-Nov-23
Miss L Bellemey S   4-Nov-20 3-Nov-24
Miss D Hindle P   5-Nov-20 4-Nov-24

*Category: L = LEA, P = Parent, CG= Community, S = Staff,  H = Head, CO = Co-Opted

Governors’ Committees and Roles

Attendance, Discipline and Dismissal – pupils and staff committee       

Mr M Walker

Complaints review committee

Mrs G Morrissey

Pay Committee

Mrs G Morrissey

Pay Appeals committee


Nominated Governors

Mrs H Dicker - CP/safeguarding/online safety/CLA

Mrs G Morrissey – Pupil premium/disadvantaged boys



Finance, Health & safety/estates

Mr M Walker

Website, social media and marketing

Mrs N Wright

Attendance, pastoral and behaviour

Mrs N Wright

SEND/More Able

Mrs G Morrissey


Mrs H Nicholson


Mrs H Dicker

Mrs L Gwinnett

Mr M Walker

Mr J Lewis

Mrs H Nicholson

Mr M Walker

Mrs N Wright


Whole governing body

Governors - Information


The Chair of the Governing Body is Mrs Helen Dicker

If you wish to contact any governor you can do so by:

Telephone - Call the switchboard on 01772 421303 and ask to leave a message

Email -


Wellfield Academy
Yewlands Drive
PR25 2TP