Inclusion Manager

Mrs Batey

My name is Janet Batey. I am the Inclusion Manager in school but I also work across the Endeavour Learning Trust in two other high schools. I have been involved with SEND work since 2006 and have seen many changes, especially over the past few years. My strengths lie in supporting the SENCO, Miss Sharrock, in school with the processes and the associated paperwork required to get as much support in place as possible to empower the students to achieve their full potential. As part of this process I am also the Specialist Assessor in school, so undertake assessment of all students to consider their eligibility for exam access arrangements in their GCSE’s.


Mrs Butterworth

I am the SENDCo at Wellfield Academy and Northbrook Primary Academy. I am passionate about helping all students to reach their full potential and develop into extraordinary young people. My role is all about supporting students to have the best learning experience during their time at Wellfield and making sure their needs are met. I work with the teachers in lessons to help with strategies to support students. I regularly meet students to discuss what support they need and challenge and support them in their learning journey.

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