Pupil Premium Grant in Summary

All publicly funded schools receive additional funding to support the attainment of children who:

  • Currently receive free school meals
  • Have been in receipt of free school meals within the last six years
  • Are looked-after children, (defined in the Children Act 1989 as a child who is in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, an English local authority).
  • Have recently left local authority care in England and Wales due to adoption, a special guardianship order, a child arrangements order, or a residence order.
  • Are recorded as an ‘Ever 5 Service Child’, (a pupil recorded in the January 2016 school census who was eligible for the service child premium in any of the previous 4 years (i.e. since the January 2012 school census) as well as those recorded as a service child for the first time on the January 2016 school census), or in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence.

This funding is known as the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). Schools are required to publish the amount of additional funding they have received, how it has been spent, and the impact it has had upon raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and closing gaps in achievement between them and their peers.

Pupil Premium Strategy


Pupil Premium Funding 2019 2020

Total number of students on roll


Total number of students eligible for PPG (inc ever 6)


% of students eligible for PPG


Total number of students eligible for CLA funding


Total number of students eligible for service child premium


Total funding available


2019/2020 Funding

In 2019-2020 the funding is allocated as follows:

  • Pupil Premium @ £935 for any student who has been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years
  • Pupil Premium Plus @ £2300 for any student who has been looked after for one day or more, is adopted  or who left care under a Special Guardianship Order or a Residence Order
  • A Service Premium of £300 is also provided to support students with parents in the armed forces.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-2021

Year 7 Catch Up Premium Grant at Wellfield Academy

The literacy and numeracy catch up funding provides schools with additional funding to support those children who performed below national expectations at KS2 in English and Maths. It is provided to all state funded schools with a Year 7 cohort.

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium at Wellfield Academy

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium