The Wellfield School Day


School opens for breakfast club


Start of school day, movement to period 1


Personal Tutor Time / Assembly


Lesson 1


Lesson 2




Lesson 3


Lesson 4




End of lunch warning bell


Lesson 5 


End of school day

We are open 32 hours per week.  Our day officially starts at 8:40am and ends at 3pm

The theme of our assemblies changes weekly and is published for students via our Weekly Briefing Sheet – assemblies are held on a rota basis and extra assemblies are added when necessary.

A whole school achievement assembly is held at the end of every term with additional assemblies for the recognition of high achievement and attendance at the end of every half-term.

Our Day

School is open from 8.15am daily for those students who are purchasing food in the dining room. The Breakfast Club runs from 8.15am - 8.45am and students are supervised by staff during this time.

All other students are not allowed onto the school site until 8.25am at the earliest, from which time they must remain in the old gym until the start of school at 8.45am.

The school does not accept responsibility for students on any other part of the school site or buildings before 8.45am (except those students attending Breakfast Club during the times stated, or being supervised in the old gym.

Lunchtimes Arrangements

A hot or cold meal can be purchased from our school cafeteria and eaten in the dining room.

Students may bring a packed lunch which can be eaten in the canteen or old gym.

Students are not allowed to leave the school premises to purchase food items outside.

Cashless System

Wellfield operates a cashless payment system which enables parents to make online payments to your child's school account so they can pay for food, drinks and other incidental school expenses e.g. school trips, ties and equipment. The introduction of online payments allowed us to install a cashless catering system with a PIN code. Once purchases have been made, parents will be able to see how much has been spent on their online account. For further information please see here.