Our school uniform is important to us.  It is one way in which we identify ourselves as a school family and plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos, setting an appropriate tone and instilling pride in our school.

Smartness and high standards of appearance are expected at all times.

At Wellfield Academy, we believe that a school uniform is important, because it:

  • Is cost effective (reducing the requirement for changes of outfits)
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging
  • Fosters a feeling of pride
  • Reduces ‘fashion competition’ between students

Our uniform policy is fully constructed in accordance with Department of Education guidelines and associated guidance therein.


Main School Uniform

All of our items of uniform/PE Kit are non-gender specific.

  • White shirt with top button fastened and shirt tails tucked into trousers/skirt
  • V-necked grey school jumper (optional) 
  • Black school trousers or school thick pleated skirt (skirts should be knee length, branded are optional)
  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Clip-on school tie 
  • Plain, black socks (If wearing the skirt, socks should be long, but no higher than the knee - no patterns or bows) or plain tights (minimum 40 denier) can be worn
  • If hair covering is worn, it must be plain black


  • Plain, black, smart, sturdy shoes (Boots, trainers, shoes with logos, flimsy ballet/court shoes, pumps, fabric or high heels are not acceptable).
  • If you are unsure of the suitability of footwear, please ask a member of the pastoral team. Acceptable footwear is at the discretion of the Head.

Outdoor Clothing 

  • Outdoor wear should be a plain coloured coat. High viz strips are highly recommended, especially in winter. 
  • Casual outer garments such as non-school jumpers, hoodies, fleeces, cardigans, leather or demin jackets etc, are not acceptable 
  • Coats must be removed on entry into school buildings and should not be worn inside school buildings during the school day 
  • We strongly advise that expensive branded outdoor clothing is not worn for daily school use as the school will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to these items
  • Once removed, coats should be placed in bags or lockers
  • Blazers should be worn at all times around school including movement to and from lessons and coats/jumpers should not be worn in place of blazers 
  • Plain coloured scarves and hats may be worn during cold weather, but these should not be worn in the school buildings

Senior staff will inform staff and students if the uniform policy is to be relaxed during hot weather.

Bags and Belongings 

  • Every student should have a school bag for school equipment 
  • Bags should be sturdy and dark in colour

P.E. and Games Kit 

All students 

  • Black round neck t-shirt with school logo 
  • Black shorts with school logo 
  • Long black sports socks 
  • Trainers: black soled not allowed 
  • 1/4 Zip training top with school logo 
  • Football / rugby boots / shin pads / gum shield - staff will notify when these are required


Fashion Items / Other

  • Earrings: no earrings are allowed and students will need to remove these if found within school.
  • No jewellery allowed aside from a watch. If a students needs to wear a piece of jewellery for medical or religious reasons, it should be removed or covered up during physical activity or during practical learning. Jewellery worn for medical or religious reasons will only be allowed once approval has been sought and agreed in writing in advance. Smart watches, or similar items that connect to the internet are not allowed to be worn during the school day. 
  • Hair should not obscure a student’s vision or pose a Health and safety risk. Extreme hairstyles or colourings are not allowed. Hair should be cut no shorter than grade 2. If parents are unsure as to the suitability of a hairstyle, they should check with the pastoral team in school first. Hair accessories should be small, plain and navy or black. No flowers or bows should be worn. Shaved patterns in hair or eyebrows will not be permitted.

  •  Any make up, including false tan worn in school, should be discreet.

  • Nail varnish, false eye lashes or false nails are not allowed.

  • Facial hair should be tidy and is therefore at the discretion of the Head.

  • No student should have any tattoo which is visible


Whilst items of school uniform can be purchased from local supermarkets and other shops, our uniform stockist for the school tie, skirt, girls trousers, blazer and PE kit is:

  • Monkhouse: Fishergate Shopping Centre, Preston
  • Order online: Parent Guide Monkhouse.com
  • Order over the phone 01772 259586 / 0161 476 7216 (Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5pm, Friday 8:30am to 3pm)

Uniform and Appearance Policy