Term Dates 2024 - 2025


Spring Term 2024

School open to all students Monday 8th January
Half Term Monday 12th February - 16th February 
End of Term Thursday 28th March (12.30pm finish for students)

Summer Term 2024

Start of Term Monday 15th April
May Day Bank Holiday Monday 6th May
Half Term Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May
End of Term for students Friday 19th July (12.30pm finish for students)
INSET Day Monday 22nd July


Autumn 2024

Autumn HT1 Monday 2nd September 2024 - Friday 18th October 2024 - INSET DAYS on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd September
Half Term Monday 21st October 2024 - Friday 25th October 2024
Autumn HT2 Monday 28th October 2024 - Friday 20th December 2024 - INSET DAY on Friday 18th October

Spring Term 2025

Spring HT3 Monday 6th January 2025 - Friday 14th February 2025 - INSET DAY Monday 6th January 2025
Half Term Monday 17th February 2025 - Friday 21st February 2025
Spring HT4  Monday 24th February 2025 - Friday 4th April 2025

Summer Term 2025

Summer HT5 Tuesday 22nd April 2025 - Friday 23rd May 2025
Half Term Monday 26th May 2025 - Friday 30th May 2025
Summer HT6 Monday 2nd June 2025 - Tuesday 22nd July 2025 - INSET DAYS 21st & 22nd July 2025

Other Information

Requesting a Holiday During Term Time

Good attendance of all our students is really important and attendance links to a student’s achievement and progress.

Holidays during term time will NOT be approved for all students. Regardless of whether leave is approved a child is still absent from school and this counts on their attendance record.

If parents request leave during term time they must use a Request for Leave form which is available above, including exceptional circumstances.

Please also read above the information from Lancashire County Council regarding the Penalty Notice for Non-Attendance.